SANELAHospital Management

Sanela HRM

Sanela Hospital Management System is a suite of software modules to computerize any large scale hospital with fifty to hundred beds or above and connected clinics. The information is available and accessible anytime, across various departments in the hospital. The various modules, viz. IP, OP, Nursing, Doctor, Radiology and Billing modules in Sanela makes the product user friendly, highly versatile and easily installable.

Sanela HMS addresses all major functional operations of a large hospital. The development environment ensures that Sanela HMS has the advantage of portability and connectivity to run virtually on all standard hardware platforms with robust data security and easy retrieval of data in case of system failure.

Sanela HMS provides the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration and control, improved quality of response for patient care, cost control and assured return on investment. The main features of Sanela HMS include possibility to select modules as per the requirements of a specific hospital; the modules are structured for independent requirement and usage, integrated design, data security, easy to customize and user friendly through front end graphical user interface.

Salient Features

  • SMS Communication

  • Bulk SMS

  • Mobile Apps

  • Available In Both Offline/online Versions

  • Biometric Integration

  • OTP Enabled Transactions

  • Outpatient Management

  • Inpatient Management

  • Casualty Management System

  • Ward Management Module

  • Billing Module

  • Nursing Management

  • Pharmacy Management Module

  • Laboratory & Radiology Module

  • HR Module

  • Payroll Module

  • Expenses Tracking

  • Revenue Reports (Daily, Monthly, Yearly)